University Press Programmatic Review

The Texas A&M University Press has served as the principal publishing arm of Texas A&M University since 1974 and has received numerous accolades for accomplishments during that time. Nationally, university presses are facing challenges as the publishing industry evolves and as the variety of opportunities for the presentation of scholarly work continues to grow.

The University Press programmatic review will run from October 2010 until a final report and recommendations from the review team is submitted, most likely in February 2011. The review will consist of four distinct phases. In Phase 1, the Press staff completed a profile assessment, covering 16 characteristics of the Press and its operations, and assembled additional materials that will help give the review team a snapshot of the Press.


To guide review team activities, we have assembled the following charge, outline areas of specific focus for the review:
  • assess and recommend organizational structure, policy and/or process changes that would make the University Press more effective in achieving its mission and purpose in service to faculty and authors at Texas A&M University;
  • provide assessment of scholarly impact and commercial viability of Texas A&M University Press books that were published in the past two years as well as that of representative forthcoming titles.  Which publications have had or likely will have, the most significant relevance to the academy?  to general audiences?
  • Given the dynamic nature of the publishing arena at higher education institutions, assess and describe unique opportunities for success that exist at the Texas A&M University Press;
  • What are the resource (human and financial) needs that would be required for the Texas A&M University Press to achieve and/or sustain national and international stature and recognition?  In what specific additional areas(s) is the Texas A&M University Press well positioned to achieve national and international stature and recognition?

Final Report (PDF)
Timeline (PDF)
University Press Profile Assessment (PDF)
Supplemental Materials (PDF)