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Vision 2020 lays out the long-range vision for excellence at Texas A&M University. The Academic Master Plan is the strategic plan or roadmap—incorporating goals strategies, and metrics—to realize key components of Vision 2020.

Academic Master Plan Roadmap Topics:

  1. Teaching-Learning Roadmap

    1. Murano Report
    2. Curricular review and assessment
    3. Student advising
  2. Research Roadmap

    1. Landmark Areas
    2. Elevating the research enterprise and infrastructure
  3. Engagement Roadmap

    1. K-12 outreach and developing pathways to Texas A&M
    2. Government and community partnerships
    3. Entrepreneurship
    4. Professional service

Common to the three roadmaps are overarching enablers for success that we need to address in order to enable success in each of the three roadmaps:

Overarching Enablers for Success

  1. Developing human potential and diversity at Texas A&M
    1. Recruiting and mentoring for excellence
    2. Enhancing support systems (campus-wide research centers or institutes, interdisciplinary programs, learning communities, technology mediated instruction, etc.)
    3. Quality of life
  2. Engaging and integrating international programs and globalization endeavors
  3. Enhancing facilities and infrastructure
  4. Marshalling financial resources
  5. Providing comprehensive offerings in service of the state and beyond