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The strategic planning process for Texas A&M University continues into its next phase this fall, with a focus on refining Action 2015: Education First and determining the strategic budget reallocation for FY12.

The dialogue during the last academic year to summarize the Academic Master Planning Process and initiate our strategic planning exercise at the College and Division levels, combined with the robust budget review process this Summer have all worked to provide a quality assessment of our University, identified recurring strategic issues that need addressing and generated ideas for continued improvement.

It is now time to turn our attentions to the future.  Through the budget exercise we have identified $21 million in resources that can be reallocated to impact strategic issues and ensure institutional effectiveness.

Additional funding may become available should the legislative process affect state appropriations less than the worst case scenario we are prepared for.

As described in the Executive Summary of this summer’s budget process, and in earlier communications from the President and Interim Provost, The Strategic Budget Reallocation Process will run from September to December, with some funding initiatives lasting into the Spring.  The process reflects three distinct phases: Gather Input, Formulate Recommendations for Action, and Recommendations Implementation.

The implemented recommendations will be reflected in our five year strategic plan, Action 2015: Education First.

Please review the information on each phase, including the process timeline and determine how best you can participate in setting the direction for our university over the next five years.