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Process Timeline

Timeline (pdf)

The process being proposed features three distinct phases:

Phase 1.  Gather Input 
(September 2 - September 30)

We will continue to gather input on the greatest needs and best ideas for utilizing resources through existing feedback opportunities, such as emails to the President and the Provost, communication through councils and committees, and a series of open forums.

Phase 2.  Formulate Recommendations for Action
(October 1 - November 1)

A representative working group will review all inputs and create a set of recommendations for the President to review.  (Read the official charge.) Recommendations will include priorities for funding, funding levels, eligibility and criteria for selection of funding recipients, timeline and procedures for proposals for funding, and source of funds.  Note that while we know the initial $21 million available for reallocation, we will not know the full extent of resources we may have for reallocation until after the legislative session.

Phase 3.  Implement Recommendations
(November - FY12 Budget Preparation)

After considering of the working group recommendations, the President will work with the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans and other Vice Presidents to implement recommended procedures to reallocate funds.  All reallocation processes should be completed in order for funding  to be reflected in the FY 12 Budget Preparation process next spring.  Priorities identified will be reflected in strategic plan, Action 2015:  Education First.