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Critical Office for Academic Innovation Updates

Published on Tue 08/03/21
Dear Faculty,

The Office for Academic Innovation is preparing for the launch of the fall semester while trying to serve as many instructors as possible and complete migration of course content from eCampus to Canvas. Please be aware of the changes outlined below:
  • Storage shells are available in Canvas to export content from eCampus for storage in Canvas  
  • Repeat courses in eCampus will be deleted on August 13th
  • Migration consultation appointments are available until August 19th 
  • In order to reduce any confusion at the start of the fall semester, eCampus will be inaccessible after August 26th at 11:59 pm.

  • Individuals assigned to any of the Teacher, Alternate Teacher, and Course Associate roles in Canvas need to have completed Information Security Awareness training prior to the start of the Fall semester.
  • Canvas-led training sessions are offered on August 20th and 24th with registration
  • Office for Academic Innovation Canvas trainings on various topics are available in August 
  • Virtual office hours (15-minute sessions) are available throughout August 

For more information about operations in the Office for Academic Innovation for the month of August, please click on the following link.

Thank you for all you are doing to welcome students back to campus on August 30th.  

Mark H. Weichold  
Interim Provost & Executive Vice President