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Guidance for S/U Grading

Published on Wed 04/01/20

Relationship between A-F grades and S/U grades—The relationship between letter grades A-F and S/U is described in Student Rule 10 Grading and varies depending on the academic level of the course:

  • Undergraduate course—Satisfactory, S (C or above); Unsatisfactory: U (D or F)

  • Graduate course—Satisfactory, S (B or above); Unsatisfactory: U (C, D, or F)

  • Professional—Varies by program, please refer to Student Rule 10 Grading

Student election of S/U grading—Students may elect to change from A-F grading to S/U grading at any time before the deadline of 5:00 PM on April 28, 2020. Student who elected S/U grading can also change back to A-F grading before the deadline.

Maintenance of grade sheets—Instructors must adhere to the same grading scheme that was published in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester or revised syllabus published as instruction was moved online. Grading must continue as if all students are earning a letter grade, and grade sheets must be maintained accordingly.

Student access to grades—Instructors must make grades received on all assignments, quizzes, reports, tests, etc. assigned during the regular semester in advance of the April 28, 2020 deadline so students can make an informed decision about grading type. Assignment grades can be posted in eCampus or Google Classroom or by individual email from the instructor’s TAMU email to each student via their official TAMU email account. Instructors must follow FERPA guidance when making grade information available to students.

Entering final grades—All grade options will be displayed on the final grade roster. Final grades for courses that are typically taught for letter grade (A-F) must be entered as letter grades. The final grade entered will be automatically converted to S/U by the Registrar’s Office for any student who has elected that grading option.

Changes to final grades—A process is in place to allow students receiving a grade of U who would have received a passing grade with A-F grading (a D for undergraduate courses or a C for graduate courses) to request a change back to letter grade mode so that the course may apply to their degree program. Contact your dean’s office for details.
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