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Guidance on Spring 2020 Final Exams

Published on Tue 04/21/20

Dear Faculty,

The following provides guidance and clarification for final exams as well as new information about students who are ill.

Guidance on Final Exams

Final exams begin next Thursday, April 30.

Instructors have some flexibility in administering final exams, especially for asynchronous take-home exams or if a paper or project is assigned instead of a final exam. Note that the university does not require a final exam. Please be flexible with students during examinations whether they be given synchronously or asynchronously as not all students may have equal access to technology when taking the exam. 

In general, instructors giving a traditional synchronous final exam must adhere to the published final exam times identified by the Office of the Registrar. This is necessary to avoid potential conflicts in the timing of scheduled examinations.

If instructors have assigned a project, paper, or untimed take-home exam in lieu of a traditional final exam, instructors should provide the assignment to the student with a reasonable amount of time for the student to complete the work. The work must be due no earlier than the published final exam time to avoid conflicts with other exams. 

If a final exam must be proctored through a third-party service, students should be given ample opportunity ahead of the published exam time to complete the work. Note that not all proctoring services are able to accommodate students at this time, so instructors will need to monitor this situation if they are using a service. The proctored exam must be due no earlier than the published final exam time. 

Remember that Student Rule 8 prohibits any final exam to be administered Monday, April 27 through Wednesday, April 29. 

Notification of Illness

We previously shared information with you about a new form for students facing an illness or injury in the spring and summer 2020. If one of your students notifies you that they are experiencing COVID or COVID-related symptoms, please notify Dr. Anne Reber, Dean of Student Life, Dr. Reber’s office will follow up and make sure affected students have the support they need during their illness.

As always, thank you for your patience and dedication in this unusual time. We wish you a smooth conclusion to the spring semester