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New Student Form for Personal Injury/Illness

Published on Tue 04/14/20

Dear Students,

new form is available if you are ill/injured and cannot keep up with your courses.

A link to the form and some additional information and guidance are included below:

• If you are feeling ill, call your healthcare provider’s office and determine if you should make an appointment. Students can call Student Health Services at (979) 458-8310 to determine if you should make an appointment, or visit: Please do not show up at a clinic, urgent care, or other healthcare facility without calling first. Your provider may need to take special measures to protect other people in the clinic. Telemedicine may also be available, enabling you to consult a provider from home. If possible, request a medical provider’s note to document your illness.

• Contact your instructors to notify them of your illness.

• Personal injury or an illness that is too severe or contagious for the student to attend class may be considered an excused absence under Student Rule 7. The student is responsible for providing documentation substantiating the reason for the absence, including reasons stated in Student Rule, Section 7.2. This documentation must be provided within three (3) business days of the last date of the absence, unless otherwise stated in this rule.

• If your illness is impacting your ability to make progress in your courses and you can’t get in to see a medical provider, this form may be used in lieu of a medical confirmation note as required in Student Rule 7 during Spring and Summer 2020 terms only. Please refer to Student Rule 7 for guidance on class attendance and absences. This form must be submitted to the instructor within two (2) calendar days of return to class.
Please remember: Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.