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Nominate a Student for the Honor Council

Published on Fri 08/13/21

Thank you for the work you do for students in various ways. The Aggie Honor System Office is reaching out with a request: As you prepare for the semester, would you take a few moments to reflect and identify a student for us who embodies integrity, academic excellence, and steadfast service to Texas A&M University? 

The nomination form is available at:
Our office facilitates the university’s processes that address allegations of academic misconduct by its students. As you can imagine, this work requires partnership and collaboration from across campus. One of the most critical partnerships in this process is the Honor Council. This group of students and faculty conduct investigations and hearings to determine if academic misconduct occurred, and what an appropriate response from the university should be when it does. 
As with so many other things, our ability to recruit and advertise this opportunity to students has been restricted in the current climate. 
Would you consider nominating a student for the Honor Council by 5 p.m. August 23? We will reach out to the student and ask them to submit an application. No other commitment of time or energy is necessary for you. We are simply asking faculty and staff to connect us with outstanding students. 
Thank you for this consideration.

Timothy C. Powers, Ph.D.
Aggie Honor System Office