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Updates for Fall 2020 courses, registration, distance education tuition, and safety procedures

Published on Tue 07/14/20
Dear Texas A&M Community:

Today, I’d like to update you on fall courses, new information on face coverings, and enhanced safety procedures for campus. 

As I previously wrote:
  • Colleges may make changes to time, location, and mode of delivery of courses during the next two weeks.
  • The final schedule will post Friday, July 24th and open registration begins on Monday, July 27th.

To date, we can report the following data:
  • More than 50% of course sections are now offered face to face and 63% of students have two or more courses face to face (with a remote option). We are making every attempt to get all students at least one face to face course and most with two face to face courses (with a remote option).
  • University-managed classroom capacities have been updated for physical distancing and are published here.
  • As a reminder, with the exception of some professional programs, no student will be required to be on campus.

Face Covering Policy
  • The Faculty Senate approved a syllabus addendum for fall informing students about campus safety measures. The Faculty Senate will send information to campus soon.
  • Faculty may lecture in face shields if desired although face coverings must be worn entering and exiting the building. The face covering policy and FAQ are available at
  • To attend a face-to-face class, students must wear a face covering (or a face shield if they have an exemption letter). If a student refuses to wear a face covering, the instructor should ask the student to leave and join the class remotely. If the student does not leave the class, the faculty member should report that student to the Student Conduct office for sanctions. Additionally, the faculty member may choose to teach that day’s class remotely for all students.

Enhanced Cleaning and Safety
  • In most rooms on the main campus, we have increased fresh air flow into the HVAC system and decreased the amount of recirculated air.
  • Teaching spaces will be equipped with portable plexiglass shields for use by faculty when lecturing to provide protection for airborne droplets.
  • Classrooms will be disinfected twice a day.
  • High traffic building lobbies and teaching spaces will receive an additional cleaning and disinfection.
  • Large computer labs (over 50 stations) will have a stationed porter service to clean stations between student use.
  • Hand sanitizer stands will be placed at entrances to every building and at each bank of elevators at every floor. Disinfectant spray bottles and paper towels will be provided to faculty and staff for use in the library, research labs, computer labs (less than 50 stations), and all classrooms.

Reporting COVID, Testing, and Contact Tracing
  • Students, faculty, and staff who test positive for COVID-19 or who are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are required to self-report through this COVID-19 Report Form
  • Additional information about COVID testing and contact tracing will be released this week.

Distance Education Tuition
  • The university will not charge the additional distance education differential tuition for undergraduate students resulting in a net savings of $8.5 million in tuition to students for the fall semester.

This information and additional details are provided on the Fall 2020 FAQ and accessible through Information will be updated periodically. 

I anticipate providing the next update on academic planning the week of July 27th.


Carol A. Fierke  
Provost and Executive Vice President