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eCampus is Going Away 8-31-21, Action Required

Published on Tue 05/11/21
eCampus will no longer be accessible at Texas A&M University after August 31, 2021. 

To prepare, targeted content from Spring 2018 – Fall 2020 will be deleted from the system over the summer.   
  • Orphaned courses from Spring 2018 – Fall 2020 will be deleted after 7/1/21. 
    • Orphaned courses are those associated with an Instructor of Record who is no longer employed by the university.
  • Duplicate courses from Spring 2018 – Fall 2020 will be deleted after 8/1/21. 
    • Duplicate courses are those with multiple courses in eCampus that have one official course section. Only the duplicate course will be deleted on 8/1/21. 
  • Repeat courses will be deleted after 8/13/21. 
    • Repeat courses are those where the same course is taught by the same Instructor of Record over subsequent semesters. The most recent version of the course will be retained until 8/31/21. 

Action Required: Course Instructors who used eCampus from Fall 2020 – Summer 2021

TAMU System Records and Retention Policy requires the Instructor of Record to export and securely store student academic records (e.g. completed class tests, examinations, course papers, and instructor grade books) for safekeeping for one year past the course end date. These items will not be included in Canvas storage shells used to import content from eCampus. After the Instructor of Record submits final grades in a course for posting on students’ academic transcripts, the Office of the Registrar is the official records custodian of the permanent academic transcript. 

Action Required: Course Instructors Needing to Store Content from eCampus 

As a reminder, all Instructors of Record with courses in eCampus from Spring 2019 – Spring 2021 have been provisioned storage shells in Canvas to move course content over. The Office for Academic Innovation is also hosting 45-minute course migration consultation sessions all summer.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Office for Academic Innovation ( 

Additional communication around these dates and action items will follow in the coming weeks from the Office for Academic Innovation.