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Chancellor EDGES Fellowships

Enhancing Development and Generating Excellence in Scholarship (EDGES)


Investing in talent.
Honoring and retaining mid-career faculty.

Chancellor Enhancing Development and Generating Excellence in Scholarship (EDGES) Fellowships were launched by the Provost and Executive Vice President in 2019 to support and honor mid-career faculty who are making significant marks in their discipline. EDGES Fellowships are awarded to faculty members with national and international acclaim and careers that are on-track for membership in national academies or national and international awards in fields without national academies.

The awards join with endeavors like the Presidential Impact Fellowships and other faculty investment programs to empower and advance the careers of faculty at every level.


Eligible faculty include those who are tenured and hold the rank of Associate Professor or early full Professor (within 8 years of promotion). These funds can be used to retain current faculty who have been at Texas A&M a minimum of five years.


Funds may be requested by colleges once per year. Cost-sharing and matching is expected, and existing start-up funds should have been expended. Funding is typically available on September 1. Each college may submit one nomination. For additional details, contact the Office of the Provost:

Term of Appointment

Chancellor EDGES Fellows retain the right to use the title throughout their tenure as a faculty member in good standing. Each faculty member may receive this award once.


Nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee designated by the Provost and Executive Vice President in consultation with the Dean of Faculties.

Nomination Process

The nomination process is overseen by the Interim Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs and Interdisciplinary Initiatives. For additional information, contact: