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Key Initiatives

Faculty Investment

The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President provides base funding to colleges on a competitive basis to advance the priorities of the university and its academic colleges with an overall goal of positioning Texas A&M University nationally as a leading recruiter of topflight talent. Although Texas A&M employs over 4,000 exceptional faculty members including 37 national academy members and 3 Nobel laureates, The provost provides academic colleges and schools 50% matching base salary and benefits, up to a maximum contribution of $100K (salary + fringe), for hires filling one of their strategic priorities.  


Discovery and innovation.
Impact on the State, nation, and the world.


Collaboration across disciplinary borders, creativity, and unrestrained innovation are hallmarks of Texas A&M University’s nearly $1 billion annual research program. The university’s strategic pillars encourage imaginative thinking, discovery, and impact. To solve challenges and improve conditions around the globe, Texas A&M is making major investments in interdisciplinary faculty research.

Texas Triads

Texas A&M Triads for Transformation

Collaboration across disciplines.
Seed-grant funding for research.
Teams of three faculty members.
100 projects of $30,000 each, funded per round.


Investing in Collaboration & Excellence


With a vision to increase multidisciplinary collaboration and move ideas from concepts to creations, T3: Texas A&M Triads for Transformation launched in 2017 as part of President Michael K. Young’s 10-year, $100 million Excellence Fund. The program, administered by the Division of Research in the Office of the Provost, is anchored atop three strategic Texas A&M University pillars: advancing transformational learning; enhancing discovery and innovation; and expanding our impact on our community, state, nation, and the world. The project teams supported by T3 grants allow Texas A&M faculty to work together to share in the imagination, vision, and creativity often needed to solve today’s most pressing challenges.
Learn more about funded projects, FAQs, requirements and how to apply for T3 Grants.

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Unlocking creative ideas to address global challenges.
Interdisciplinary projects that bring faculty-researchers together.
Large and small scale research awards.
Support for faculty and staff.


Accelerate solutions
Part of President Michael K. Young’s 10-year, $100 million Excellence Fund, X-Grants were created to support teams of faculty-researchers and staff across disciplines with grants ranging from $100,000 to $1.5 million per team. X-Grants, named for “accelerating” collaborative research in larger teams, were created to solve important global challenges with imaginative and impactful solutions.

Learn more about funded projects, FAQs, requirements and how to apply for X-Grants.

Global Impact

Aggies Everywhere

#1 in student international experiences.
Advancements on every continent.
Solutions to global challenges.
Partnerships across the planet.

The impact of Texas A&M University abounds across the oceans and in more than 100 countries around the globe. With a tradition of international service and study that dates back more than a century, today’s Texas A&M students and scholars are fearlessly taking on the world’s toughest problems and reaching out to connect with diverse cultures.

Texas A&M leads the nation among public universities for the number of students studying and serving around the world. More than 5,300 Aggies study abroad each year. From Antarctica to Africa, and stretching from the far east to throughout the western hemisphere, Global Engagement Grants are sending A&M scholars and students in search of solutions to grand challenges like health, hunger, sustainability, safety, and security. Combined with robust partnerships around the globe, Texas A&M’s international activities are seamlessly connecting the world to our land-, sea- and space-grant missions of scholarship and service.


Texas A&M’s Global Engagement plan captures these committed efforts and highlights our comprehensive vision to enhance experiential learning, empower faculty, and increase international engagement. The plan also seeks input from our International Advisory Board, about 40 representatives from business, government, education, and other areas, to explore new international partnerships and funding opportunities. 

Learn more about our roadmap for global impact.