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Student Success

Defining Student Success

An Aggie diploma.

A degree from Texas A&M University is the dream for thousands of students who enter our campuses each year. Their journey to gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to prepare for successful careers is supported by our university from the moment they apply through the moment they reach out to receive their diploma.
Student success is our greatest mission.

A Vision for Student Success

While Texas A&M successfully retains and graduates and students at higher rates than most institutions in Texas, when compared with other leading universities it becomes clear we must increase student retention and graduation rates--particularly for first-generation and underrepresented students. We must help students connect to the university, remove barriers to success and reduce achievement disparities, ensuring that all who enroll at Texas A&M University have our fullest measure of support.

Our Goals

Increase 1st year retention for full-time, first-time-in-college students from

92% to 95%.

Increase four-year graduation rates from

56% to 65%.

Increase six-year graduation rates from

82% to 85%.

Increase four-year graduation rate for transfer students to


Decrease achievement disparities.

Student Success Initiative

7 Recommendations, One Focus

Four subcommittees generated seven recommendations with a single focus: student success.
  • Increase efforts to boost first-year retention.
  • Expand and enhance the Regents’ Scholar Program.
  • Create a culture that celebrates first-generation students.
  • Increase support and consistency for academic advising.
  • Establish a help desk to assist students with barriers to timely graduation.
  • Increase support for the Office for Student Success.
  • Establish a university-wide first year experience.

These recommendations were approved and adopted by Provost Carol A. Fierke. The Student Success Initiative launched the Office for Student Success and other efforts focused initially on incoming freshmen. Upcoming programming will expand student success initiatives to include sophomore, junior and senior students.
View the full Student Success Task Force Report here. 

Featured Programs

TAMU Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center

The MLC offers a variety of ways to help students improve their math skills. All of our on-campus services are available to undergraduate students at no extra cost. Our services for students include:
  • Help Sessions: drop-in tutoring service taught by undergraduate peer tutors offered at three locations on campus.

  • MLC Week-In-Review: review sessions taught by faculty that revisit material covered in the corresponding course during the prior week.​​
  • Hands-On, Grades Up: course-specific, interactive learning sessions led by undergraduate peer tutors, with material developed by faculty. (Registration required; limited availability)
  • Reboot Workshops: workshops cover topics that are prerequisites for various courses. (Registration required; limited availability)

Hullabaloo U

Hullabaloo U

Hullabaloo U is Texas A&M’s first year experience course. First year students will learn about Hullabaloo U during their New Student Conference and select their desired opportunity during course registration. These courses are specifically designed to help new first year students make a successful transition to campus, both academically and personally.

Each student walking into a Hullabaloo U course will find a welcoming and affirming environment, a faculty or staff instructor who is committed to their success, a peer mentor to help them navigate the transition experience and a small community of other first year students. Every course is capped at 25 students, so students will be able to develop meaningful relationships within a structured, small group environment. The 50 minutes they spend with their Hullabaloo U group each week is the space for them to process this huge life change they are all going through, all the while surrounded by the support to help them thrive.

The content of the course is relevant, responsive and timely to equip students with the skills needed to achieve their unique academic and personal goals, take advantage of campus resources, and contribute to our diverse and inclusive environment as a member of the Aggie community. Because it is a zero-credit course, there are no additional tuition or fees assessed for it; it is free for new students! 

For more information about the Peer Mentors and Instructors, visit the Office for Student Success.

Office for Student Success Help Desk

Help Desk

The Help Desk is a resource for students who encounter roadblocks or barriers to help them stay on track for graduation, preferably within four years.  Some issues may be as simple as getting a required course, while others may relate to being admitted to upper-level requirements or simply knowing you are in the wrong major.  The help desk staff will work with students, advisors, faculty and staff to resolve these barriers and roadblocks.

TAMU Math Learning Center

Aggies Thrive

The transition to a new university can be difficult, even for students who have prior experience with college-level coursework. Sometimes, even the best students start off on the wrong foot, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be successful and complete their degree. Aggies Thrive provides a second chance for students who struggled during their first semester or two on campus. Students in Aggies Thrive engage in structured and supportive programming that helps them identify majors that align with their talents and professional aspirations, develop stronger time management and study skills and connect with additional academic or personal support services that may be needed.