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Submit Calendar Events

Requests for events to be featured on the Office of the Provost website calendar will be reviewed. Calendar postings help draw attention, interest, and attendance, so promote your events as early as possible for maximum exposure. In addition to appearing on the online calendar, some events may be appropriate for the centralized Texas A&M University Events Calendar. We will evaluate your request to determine the best calendar(s) to feature the event.

Calendar Best Practices and Tips:

Planning:  Request placement on the calendar at least four weeks in advance of your event and ensure the most important details (date, time, location, RSVP link, cost, etc.) are finalized. People may click visit your calendar entry only once, gather the details or share them with their personal calendar, and move on. Changes to important details, once an event is posted, can frustrate attendees and cause confusion. Wait to submit an entry until the critical details are finalized.

Event Titles:  Clear, understandable, and free of jargon. Use terms most viewers would understand, and avoid acronyms that can lead to confusion. Spell out the names of organizations, awards, etc.


  • Association of University Faculty Spring Social (but not “AUF Spring Social”)
  • Retirement Reception for Joe Smith


  • Lead with the most important information. 
  • Be thorough, but concise and keep your text short and easy to scan.
  • Include all the details an attendee might need (parking information, costs, where to purchase tickets, attire, if appropriate).
  • Spell out acronyms on first use, for example: University Distinguished Professors (UDP). 



  • Make certain you have rights and permissions to use images. 
  • Avoid using images saved from internet searches, news sites, etc. 
  • If you add an image, you must include alt text for web accessibility. For example, if you include a photo of a guest lecturer, include the name of the person (“Dr. Jane Smith”).

Event Submission Guidelines:

  1. Your event must be affiliated with (hosted by or located at Texas A&M University).
  2. Obtain approval of your entire request (all information, text, details, images, etc.) from your Division/Department head before submitting.
  3. All information should be current, accurate and proofread prior to submission. Event information must be finalized prior to submitting your request. Submissions with incomplete information, errors, insensitive material or other significant issues will not be accepted. 
  4. Submitting a calendar request does not guarantee the event will be published. All requests are reviewed.
  5. Images/photos:
    • Must carry appropriate permissions for usage. Image/photo use permissions are the responsibility of the person submitting the request.
    • Should not be offensive or in violation of copyright laws or Texas A&M University guidelines/policies.
    • Must include alt text.
    • Should be high-resolution, high quality and less than 1MB in size.
  6. Withdrawing/editing/cancelling an event:
    • Contact Provost Communications to withdraw or cancel your event.
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Clear, concise, avoid jargon and acronyms
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