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Fall 2020 Explanatory Absence Form

Published on Mon 08/17/20

Dear Texas A&M Staff and Faculty:

As approved by the Texas A&M University Faculty Senate for Fall 2020, students may use the Explanatory Statement for Absence from class in place of a note from their medical provider. 

For your information, the following message was sent to students this morning notifying them of the form. 

Please note that the link to the Explanatory Absence form below is only accessible by students and will not show for faculty and staff. 

Once students submit the form, instructors will receive an email from with details and dates of illness. Questions may be directed to your college’s AOC or GOC deans who will also receive notifications by email.


Per Student Rule 7, students are responsible for providing documentation for personal injury or illness that is too severe or contagious for the student to attend class.

For the Fall 2020 term only, this form may be used in place of a medical confirmation note as required in Student Rule 7. Once submitted, an email is automatically sent to instructors of selected courses and the dean’s designee of the student’s college. The form should be submitted as soon as possible, but must be submitted within three calendar days of your return to class. Please refer to Student Rule 7 for guidance on class attendance and absences.

Free testing for COVID-19 is available to all Texas A&M University students who feel ill or believe they have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Students who test positive, have been exposed, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are required to self-report in the university’s COVID-19 portal located here.  

If contacted by an individual from the university’s COVID-19 operations center, please accept or return their call in order to enhance the safety of our campus community