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Texas A&M Faculty Senate - Resolution on Confronting Racism

Published on Wed 06/03/20
Resolution on Confronting Racism
June 3, 2020

Whereas, Texas A&M University President Michael Young this week eloquently expressed the University’s collective sorrow at the untimely death of Aggie George Floyd, and

Whereas, President Young, leading one of the outstanding public universities in the United States, called upon our academic community “to do our part to act to address the systemic racism and violence that is plaguing our nation,” and

Whereas, the Faculty Senate of Texas A&M University has long supported the goal of confronting, addressing, and eliminating racism and other inequities in society through broadening and expanding the role of education, and

Whereas, the Faculty Senate has established course requirements in International and Cultural Diversity and in Cultural Discourse to help our students understand the prejudices that affect the daily lives of many among us.

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Executive Committee, on behalf of the Texas A&M University Faculty Senate, strongly and unequivocally supports initiatives that bring students, staff, faculty and administrators together in the quest, as President Young stated, “to take action that will improve the lives and experiences of citizens of color here in our community and elsewhere around the nation and the world.”

President Young’s full message
A Message To Our Aggie Community
Michael K. Young, President
June 1, 2020

205 YMCA 1225 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1225
Tel. 979.478.1014

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