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Texas A&M University dedicates new Innovative Learning Classroom Building

Published on Fri 10/30/20

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Texas A&M University dedicated its new $85 million Innovative Learning Classroom Building on Friday.

The facility features ten classrooms with seating for up to 2,200 students. The largest classroom seats up to 600 students. The building also offers the latest in technology, like a multimedia production studio and 360 degree video screen that circles what the university likes to call “the round” classroom. Each classroom seat also features power and internet connectivity for students with laptops and other devices.

Carol Fierke, Provost & Executive VP Professor with Texas A&M University, says the 360 degree design of the classroom provides the professor with a unique opportunity to see all the students and create an environment that makes learning come alive while enhancing student-professor engagement.

“This space allows us to use new teaching methods that have been shown to be more effective for student learning,” said Fierke.

Joseph Pettibon, Vice President for Enrollment and Academic Services, says for the first time on campus they have a large number of larger classrooms that can facilitate innovative learning for our faculty and students.

“We were focused on really trying to do something innovative and kind of push the envelope on the quality of the classroom spaces, with the idea of promoting the success of the student and the idea of the student being engaged with the faculty,” said Pettibon.

Pettibon says with the need for social distancing, the space provides the university the option to continue to offer in-person classes, as well as provide students with a place to study and interact with each other.

“Even more now with so many students doing classes remote, we have a large number of students that actually will come to this facility to study,” said Pettibon.

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