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Strategic Planning

Defining Our Future

150 years in the making

Texas A&M University stands proudly on the brink of our 150th anniversary. But we’re not known for standing still. Since opening our doors to Texans in 1876, Texas A&M has extended the reach of education, discovery, and impact across the country and around the globe. We still hold fast to discovering, developing, communicating, and applying knowledge, but how we accomplish those missions continues to advance. As the university’s Vision 2020: Creating a Culture of Excellence strategic plan comes to a close and we approach our sesquicentennial, President Michael K. Young has charged thought leaders across campus with vision and strategic planning for the decade ahead.

The Vision

TAMU Vision for the next 150 years

Texas A&M University’s vision is based on four pillars: transformational education; discovery and innovation; impact on state, nation, and world; and university as a community. Our Aggie values of respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity, and selfless service remain unchanged, but the Vision that guides our great university evolves to meet – and master – the trials of every era and prepare students to impact the world. Learn more about Texas A&M’s Vision for the decade ahead.

Learn more about Texas A&M's Vision for the decade ahead.

The Strategic Plan

TAMU Vision for the next 150 years

Texas A&M’s 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan is centered around increasing our global impact; positioning Texas A&M University as a best place to work, live, and learn; growing and supporting faculty, staff, and research; and enhancing and reinventing education for students. Learn more about Texas A&M’s five-year map for the journey ahead.

Learn more about Texas A&M's five year Strategic Plan.

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