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The Texas Legislature passed Texas HB 2504 in 2009 (now TEC 51.974).  This legislation requires the university to provide online the following information for undergraduate courses within a week of the first class day of each semester:  1) a curriculum vitae (CV) for each instructor 2) a syllabus for each class and 3) departmental budget information (which is provided by FAMIS).

More details regarding the implementation of the HB 2504 requirements can be found at this EIS news item.

Viewing a Syllabus or CV

The public can view a syllabus or CV each fall term by clicking on this link and following the steps below:.

  1. After clicking on the link, you will be on the Class Schedule search page.
  2. Select the term for which you want to perform the syllabus and CV search, and click Submit.
  3. Enter a subject and any additional criteria provided, and click on the Class Search button.
  4. If the syllabus is available, you will be able to view it by clicking on the (Syllabus) link next to the course name.
  5. If the CV is available, the instructor's name will be highlighted as a link, and you will be able to view the CV by clicking on the the instructor's name.

Viewing Faculty Evaluations

TEC 51.974 also requires student evaluations of faculty be available to the public online.  The evaluations can be found on the Public Class Schedule Listing.

  1. The evaluations can be access by first choosing the term and subject.
  2. Once the subject and any other criteria is chosen, clicking on the “Class Search” button will bring up a list of the applicable sections.
  3. An “Evaluation” link for the instructor is shown next to each section of the subject.
  4. In addition, advisors and students are able to view the evaluations from the course listings on their respective class schedules in Howdy.

Viewing Department Budget Information

You can view the departmental budget information by clicking here.

Public Viewing Jobs Available for Student Aggies

The public can view Jobs currently posted for student Aggies by clicking on and following the steps below:

  1. After clicking on the link, you will be on the Jobs For Aggies website.
  2. Click on GUEST LOGIN.
  3. On the Guest Login page, type "guest" (without the quotes) in both the UserName and Password fields.
  4. Click on the Login button.
  5. To search student Aggie job opportunities, click on "Job Search" in the upper maroon menu area
  6. This brings up the Job Search Form.
  7. To see all Jobs available, do not enter any search criteria, then click Search.
  8. You can narrow the search down by specifying criteria on the search form, then click Search.
  9. If you have questions, contact Texas A&M Student Employment Office at 979-845-0686, our counselors are eager to assist.

Information about Cost of Attendance for Texas A&M University

The public can get information on the Cost of Attendance for Texas A&M University by clicking on

  1. After clicking on the link, you will be on the Scholarships & Financial Aid website.
  2. Click on the Cost of Attendance block.
  3. This page will give you general information about what Cost of Attendance covers.
  4. There are several links on the page that take you to actual Cost of Attendance amounts for Undergraduates, Graduates, MBA Students and Veterinary Students.
  5. There is also a link on for "Applying for Financial Aid" as well as other links on the left, divided by Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, International and Veterans, that will explain the entire financial aid process from How to Apply, Processing Your Aid, Accepting Your Aid, Terms such as Expected Family Contribution are explained and much more.
  6. If you have questions, contact Texas A&M Scholarships & Financial Aid Office at 979-845-3236, our counselors are eager to assist.